Turner County Stockyard
1315 Hwy. 41 S.
Ashburn, GA 31714
Toll Free: 1-800-344-9808
Phone: 1-229-567-3371
Fax: 1-229-567-3785
Turner County Stockyard's Special Sales

Friday, October 18th at 7PM
Friday, November 15th at 6PM
Friday, December 13th at 6PM

300 HD Consisting of Cow-Calf Pairs,
Springers, Bred Heifers, and Bulls

All Cattle Mouthed And Preg Checked
Bulls Semen Checked
Trucking Available
Watch Our Sales Live On The Internet lmaauctions.com

Turner County Stockyard's Regular Sales Schedule 
Regular cattle sales each Wednesday at 1:00 PM
Breeder cattle sales held on the 3rd Friday night, as announced. 
Video cattle sales Thursday at 10:00 AM, as announced.